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Welcome in Tanzania

We will prepare together your safari in Tanzania, depending on your interests, your budget, date and duration of your journey.

"The survival of Africa's animal world is for all of us a matter of great significance. These creatures and the wilderness they inhabit are not only an important source of wonder and inspiration but also an integral part of our natural resources, our future livelihood and our well-being. By holding our animal world in trust, we solemny declare that we shall do everything within our power to ensure that our children and grandchildren too will be able to enjoy this rich and precious heritage. The preservation of wild animals calls for specialized knowledge, skilled workers, financial support, and we urge other nations to share with us this important task, whose success or failure will affect not only the African continent but the entire world ".

1rst president of Tanzania after independance (1962).
1962-1985, dead in 1999.

Pictures © by Pierre-Yves Vaucher

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